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Public Affairs Associates stands as one of Michigan's most respected, connected and effective government relations firms. For four decades, PAA has served our clients with the highest quality direct advocacy and public policy management services available. PAA is the standard setter, and we are dedicated to providing clients with an experience unsurpassed by any other Michigan lobbying firm.

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We open doors to top leaders in Michigan's Legislature, Executive office, and various state departments. In addition, PAA offers experience working with federal officials and political leaders in Washington, D.C., as well as the city of Detroit and Wayne and Kent counties, and other government units throughout the state.

PAA specializes in lobbying strategies that respond to the everchanging relationship between government and the private sector. By developing comprehensive political, educational and public relations plans, we help successfully navigate today's legislative, regulatory, and public policy environment.

With a long track record of success serving corporations, trade associations and individuals in manufacturing, health care, insurance, finance, entertainment, education and law enforcement, we invite you to discover the PAA difference. Quite simply; we get results!

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